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Course - Overview

“The best opportunity to broaden your knowledge on film-making. Unlike antiquity,”

The film is not only limited to entertainment but also has some educational aspects that combine with fun and entertainment to make it a meaningful subject. Today, many filmmakers explore many aspects of society and real-life with film. If you have cinematic aspirations, you have come to the right place! We have a team dedicated to providing valuable advice on what to do and avoid without sacrificing the quality of your script. We encourage students with creative stories and help them have stories that impress producers and directors by writing their scripts. IIFA is the best B.Sc Film-making College in Bangalore. We aim to offer you an industry-relevant curriculum that is the right channel to build your career in the film industry. Have you cleared your 12th Board exams? Are you passionate about getting into the film industry? If so, it is time for you to seize the opportunity by choosing our B.Sc in Filmmaking course.

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Essentials of Film | Still Photography | Editing Techniques | Cinematography |

Paper 1. Pre production Techniques
1. Introduction to Script Writing | 2. Elements of Screenplay | 3. Character Development

Paper 2. Essentials of Film
4. Structure of Film | 5. Dialogue Writing | 6. Designing a Scene & Introduction of Dialogues | 7. Characters Performance with discussions and creativity | 8. Discussions on Locations for shoot

Paper 3. Still Photography
9. Intro to Still Photography | 10. Details of Camera, Fundamentals & Terminology | 11. Outdoor Shoots | 12. Fashion Photography | 13. Portfolio & Portraits | 14. Event shoots - Bridal, Wedding, Corporate, & Sports | 15. Nature & Wildlife Shoots

Paper 4. Editing Techniques
16. Basics of Editing | 17. Photoshop in detail

Paper 5. Study of Cinematography

*Syllabus will get change as per the University Guidance.

Paper 1. Pre production Techniques

Analysis of Shots & its Importance | Editted Techniques | Introduction of Special Effects | Production & Post Production Techniques

1. Script Development | 2. Preproduction Techniques | 3. Film Shooting Fundamentals - SD and HD, Theory of Color | 4. Configuring Protools System

Paper 2. Analysis of shots & its importance
5. Study of Award-winning documentary - Analysis | 6. Role of makeup & costumes in project

Paper 3. Editing Techniques
7. Editing | 8. Software Adobe Premier Pro & Intro to Final Cut Pro | 9. Edit shots captured | 10. Types of Cuts

Paper 4. Introduction of Special Effects
Advance Editing Process

Paper 5. Production & Post Production Techniques

*Syllabus will get change as per the University Guidance.

Designing a Film | Shoot & Production | Importance of Direction | Creative Project | Viva Voce
Paper 1. Designing a Film
1. Production Design | 2. Comparative Study of Cinema Vs. TV
Paper 2. Shoot & Production
3. Working on existing location | 4. Dressing a set as per script requirements
Paper 3. Importance of Direction
5. Direction Basics | 6. Role of: a. Assistant Director, b. DOP
Paper 4. Creative Project
7. Submission of short movie shoot
Paper 5. Viva Voce

*Syllabus will get change as per the University Guidance.

Audacity | Magix Sound Forge Pro | Adobe Audition | Media-Processing APIs | Audio Format Conversion | MediaHuman Audio Converter | Max | Switch by NHC Software | Audio Project File Management | A Better Finder Rename | Path Finder | DaisyDisk | Disk Inventory X | Audio Collaboration | Bounce Boss | Notetracks

*Syllabus will get change as per the University Guidance.

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