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Bachelor of Top B Pharmacy College In Bangalore IndiaPharmacy program is necessary to practice as a pharmacist. B. Pharmacy is study of preparing and conferring drugs and medicines for a number of illnesses and deficiencies. B. Pharmacy is all about maintaining a standardized quality of people’s health and living. The course focuses on the study of biology, pharmaceutical chemistry (inorganic, physical and organic), biochemistry, medicines, physiology, pharmacology, dispensing etc. During the course, students learn about the medicines and their effect on human body, with details of the chemical and organic properties of all the elements used. The scope of the course is increased due to demand for Pharmacists in every location and every hospital. The program has been bringing out healthcare professionals from a long time and would continue to do so for years to come as the field is growing at a fast pace. The program provides students knowledge about the selection of right drug for right treatment for which all topics of pharmacology, chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, kinetics, pharmacy management and compounding medications are covered. Students will learn about medicines, biology and prescribing appropriate medicine to patient.


Best B Pharmacy College In Bangalore IndiaB.Pharm. is an undergraduate pharmacy course. Pharmacy is the art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines. B.Pharm curriculum provides valuable knowledge of healthcare and biochemical sciences. The program prepares graduates with a sound knowledge and understanding of the science, technology, and practice of pharmacy. The course makes them ready to take on various roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Ours is one of the Top Best B Pharmacy College in Bangalore, India will all the required facilities. Being the Top Best B Pharmacy College in Bangalore, India we have many rank holders over the period gone by.

Admission to Top B Pharmacy College in Bangalore:

Eligibility : Bachelor Degree in pharmacy requires a candidate to have cleared 10, +2 with Physics, Chemistry, Math’s (PCM) or Physics, Chemistry, Math’s & Biology as subjects. One must also pass with at least 50% marks in pre university course with Biology, Mathematics as one of the subjects, or complete a D Pharm. (Diploma in pharmacy).

Duration : 4-Years

Course Details

  1. Pharmaceutical Analysis I
  2. Remedial Mathematical Biology
  3. Pharmacognosy I
  4. Pharmaceutical Chemistry I ( Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  5. Basic Electronics & Computer Applications
  1. Pharmaceutics I ( Physical Pharmacy)
  2. Advanced Mathematics
  3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry II ( Physics Chemistry)
  4. Pharmaceutical Chemistry ( Organic Chemistry I)
  5. Anatomy, Physiology & Heath Education ( APHE) I
  1. Pharmaceutics II ( Unit Operations I, including Engg. Drawing)
  2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV ( Organic Chemistry II)
  3. Pharmacognosy II
  4. Pharmaceutical Analysis III
  5. A P H E – II
  1. Pharmaceutics – III ( Unit Operations II)
  2. Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  3. Pharmacogsony III
  4. Pathophysiology of Common Diseases
  5. Pharmaceutics IV ( Dispensing & Community pharmacy)
  1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry – V ( Biochemistry)
  2. Pharmaceutics V ( Pharmaceucal Technology I)
  3. Pharmacology I
  4. Pharmacogsony
  5. Pharmaceutics VI ( Hospital pharmacy)
  1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry ( Medicinal Chemistry I)
  2. Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence & Ethics
  3. Pharmaceutics VII ( Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics)
  4. Pharmacology II
  5. Pharmacognosy V ( Chemistry of Natural products)
  1. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  2. Pharmaceutics VIII ( Pharmaceutical Technology II)
  3. Pharmaceutical Industrial Management
  4. Pharmacology III
  5. Pharmaceutical Chemistry VII ( Medicinal Chemistry II)
  6. Elective ( Theory)
  1. Pharmaceutics IX
  2. Pharmaceutical Analysis III
  3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry VIII ( Medicinal Chemistry III)
  4. Pharmacognosy VI
  5. Pharmacology IV ( Clinical pharmacy & Drug Interactions)
  6. Project related to Elective

B Pharmacy College : Career ProspectsC

With a degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy, a student can register with the State Pharmacy Council and open their own Chemist shop to stock and sell medicines. After the completion of course students work in pharmaceutical industry, Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Technical Pharmacy, Research Agencies, Medical Dispensing Store, Food and Drug Administration, Sales and Marketing Department, Educational Institutes, Health Centers. The course offers job opportunities in both public as well private sectors that allow students to make a valuable career in this field. Graduates are hired in capacities such as pharmacist, teachers, researcher, food and drug administrator etc.

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