IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is one among the top most Degree colleges in India. It employs unparalleled education methodologies raising the standards of management education on par with excellence. Over the years, with dedicated commitment and perseverance IIFA-LANCASTER has established itself as one of the premium management institutes in Bangalore. it is a unit of LANCASTER Group which was established in the year 1991 with the motto of Faith, Commitment & Empowerment. IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is an institute for learning so many Ug , Pg and Diploma Courses Also.

Learning Centers of LANCASTER Group of Institutions

  • Kalabharathi Public school, Mysore.
  • Kalabharathi B.Ed College, Mysore.
  • Kalabharathi Pre-university College, Mysore.
  • LANCASTER Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore.
  • IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College, Bangalore.
  • IIFA-Multimedia, Bangalore.

IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is located in the heart of Silicon Valley of India-Bangalore, and in Heritage city- Mysore. IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is one of the Degree college in India. It provides training that promotes employable skills, and enhances social relevance. The institution provides exposure to industries, along with technical and practical field knowledge. The institution uses innovative teaching methodologies and practices and provides a state of the art environment that stimulates students’ learning interests.


IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is India's premier training Degree college for technology-enabled creative education in India. Our dedicated institution provides creative skills training in BCA,BCOM,BCA,journalism, computer applications, Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Animation. Our team has many experienced professionals to guide and make much disciplined educational system. Students can find unique training programs to get exposure in practical subjects. We follow educational pattern and systems. We are taking the students responsibility for their bright future. We have individual interaction with both students and faculty’s members to provide more transparency. Our faculty has developed programs that are aimed to provide young minds with a detailed understanding about the Design world.

Students need to know how the world of many designers operates.Our technical faculty team encourages our students to develop their creative potential and also educate them on how professional designer business operates. This eventually helps them to develop design industries solutions that are in line with the current needs of the market. Our experienced trainers with production experience in their fields. Our faculty gives individual attention to students to develop their art style, assignments and project portfolio up to an international production level. The regular interaction with hard core production work and working with experienced international studios, help in infusing new technology, innovations and ideas from around the world.

WHY Choose IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College ?


IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is a state-of-the-Art residential institute provides highly industry-centric, professional programs in BBAm,BCA,BCOM,Journalism, Mass Communication, Visual Communication, Marketing Management, Hotel Management, Finance Management, Textile Management, Business Management, Aerospace Science, Computer Applications, Architectural Technology. IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is committed to become leading Center of Creative Excellence that Shapes Talent, Leads Change.

Experienced management professionals and modern state of the art infrastructure in IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College promotes a professional learning environment for the students. It envisions to become the “nucleus of global management education” and is supported by strong intellectual resources and industry experience. The student, at IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College develop a multicultural aptitude to purse their career anywhere across the globe.

IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College has world-class infrastructure and modern training facilities, to provide diverse learning environment to our students. Our innovative pedagogy focuses on practical learning fostered by faculty with indispensable experience who understand global industry practices. We empower our students with global standards of education .


IIIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is committed to professional careers of students. We have strong industry tie-ups both for internship arrangements and campus placements. Our programs are designed by close coordination with the related industry players to make our students industry ready. This makes IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College the proffered choice as a campus recruitment partner. The curriculum is designed based on current best practices in the industry and is constantly reviewed once in 6 months. At IIFA Academy, Placement Assistance is provided to all students after they successfully complete the courses.

Our dedicated placement department ensures a secure career in the industry for every student. We have established work relationship with some of the top companies in animation and designing industry which helps for good placements for our students. After the successful completion of the courses, students are prepared for interviews and aptitude tests. Based on specialization, placements are provided. The students are provided with the industry connections with an objective to understand the best industry practices which provides a platform to showcase their talents to the industry which help them building the right path for their career.

Students at IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College, pursue internship programs which provide hands on industry experience and pre-employment work opportunity before their graduation. We provide pre-placement training programs to help students to get ready for the interviews. Our skillful and experienced in-house trainers, are in regular process of delivering the best set of animators, designers, journalist, computer specialists to the industry.


Students practice and master practical skills by taking on projects to conceptualize and create finished products which helps them master the design process and encourages them to interact with their peers and learn essential team management skills. Students are also provided internships, which provide crucial experience within the industry itself. Students are able to recognize their skill sets through internships and live projects and which helps them to choose a career for themselves. Design relies on creativity to invent new solutions to old and emerging problems.

Students make their own safe space to courageously explore synthesis of new perspectives that challenge conventional thinking. We have committed to the success of every student. IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College provides student support systems and high end technology which are all integrated into the learning. IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College provides students the key ingredients to succeed in their subjects to meet their individual career goals. At IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College, We provide production based training to the students. All the students of IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College are placed in one of the best industries and also in companies.


IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is in collaboration with the Bangalore University.Bangalore is one of the top government universities established in 1964 with the intention to provide high quality education to all the interested students, irrespective of age, location and economical background. Bangalore University is a recognized University of ugc. We are affiliated to Bangalore University for U.G and P.G programs . For Master diploma and diploma courses we have approval from B.S.S ( Bharat Sevak Samaj ).

Bangalore University is one of the oldest Universities to pursue your higher education. The curriculum is set to the highest standards at Bangalore University. Learning, Quality, Integrity, Diversity, Freedom of Inquiry and Expression, Accountability, Access to Underserved, Adaptive and Responsive, Innovation and Collaboration are the chief values which form the pillars of this esteemed organization.

IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College offers plenty of programs like degree programs in BCA,BCOM,BBA and Post Graduate programs, Masters, Diploma and also certificate programs in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphic Design, Multimedia, VFX and Gaming.


IIFA-LANCASTER Degree College is very popular among student community who are interested to pursue thier UG,PG and diploma courses.

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