Course - Overview

The course focuses on the art and design of computer games and animation where students will concentrate on specific needs as a professional game artist, designer, developer, and animator. The course helps in computer science, including writing computer programs in the core languages such as C and C++, with a solid grounding in the humanities, social sciences, and fundamentals of art. This program exposes students to a variety of tools and processes used by professional designers, including proprietary scripting languages, level and map editors, databases, and design documents. A bachelor’s degree in game design or animation can teach students the basics of game programs, animation programs, 3-D modeling, and graphic design skills. The syllabus designed and offer a strong foundation in digital game design through the study of subjects such as storytelling, storyboarding, game development, 3D modeling and animation, game programming, and game prototyping.


Semester 1
Introduction to the game | Photoshop & Flash | Game Analysis Centipede

Semester 2
Game Programming Language | Source Code Program | C > Game & Graphic Code

*Syllabus will get change as per the University Guidance.

Semester 3
Game Idea: Visualization & Story Telling | Game Analysis: Tetris | Essence Of Game 1 | Game Analysis: Loom | Essence Of Game 2 | Game Development & Documentation | Game Design Documents | Character Designing | Flash Based Game Designing

Semester 4
Modeling, Texturing & Lighting Games | Game Lord | Rigging & Animation For Games | FX For Games | Game Analysis: The Sims | Sound For Games

Semester 5
Theft Auto III | Game Interface Designing | Rigging & Animation For Games | FX For Games | Game Analysis: The Sims | Show Case Project in Motion Graphics

Semester 6
Projects | Portfolio

Students' Work

Have a glance at some of the stellar work executed by our students.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Game designer

  • Level designer

  • Digital Content creator

  • Game quality assurance Tester

  • Texture Painter

  • 3D Modeler

  • Interactive Media Designer

  • User Experience Designer

  • Game play Programmer

  • Tools Programmer


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