Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”.
IIFA educates students to learn the photographic design skills in all basis. IIFA’s Diploma in Digital Photography is a one year course affiliated to BSS (Bharat Sevak Samaj) covers the topics of history of photography, Film cameras & Processing, Photographic optics, color filters, Digital Imaging, Studio lighting, Photo tools, Photo corrections, Close up: Accessories and Techniques, Depth of field exercises and etc. Core concepts like exposure, composition, light, shadow, color, format, camera type, lens type and digital or darkroom post processing helps students to gain more practical experience in their profession.

DIPLOMA in Photography Course Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria:

10+2 [From any Recognized board]

Affiliated by BSS university

Duration:1 Year


  • Photography now emerged has a big level. Especially Media and advertising industry have been looking for talented photographers who can express themselves in an aesthetic way.
  • According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of digital photographers increases by 3% through the year 2024.
  • After completing Diploma in Digital Photography at IIFA, student possess the necessary skills like Working knowledge of digital cameras, photo editing software, computers, high-quality printers, and etc.
  • Photography has become more essential and with the development in the technology and communication it has given good job opportunities in the field of social networks, electronic media and etc.

COURSE DETAILS [Duration – 1 Year]C

  1. Introduction to Digital Photography
  2. Principals of photography
  3. Working with ISO & Exposure
  4. Aperture & shutter speed
  5. Auto & manual focus
  6. Framing & composition
  1. Portrait Photographer
  2. Fashion Photographer
  3. Photo journalism
  4. Wildlife Photographer
  5. Landscape Photographer
  6. Wedding/social photographers
  7. Aerial Photographer
  8. Astro photographer
  1. Depth of field
  2. Outdoor Photography
  3. Portrait & Product Photography
  4. Fundamentals of photo editing
  5. Studio lighting techniques
  6. Refining photographs using photoshop
  7. Digital photography assessment
  1. Fashion
  2. Advertising
  3. Media
  4. News
  5. Nature and Wildlife
  6. Event Management
  7. Medicine
  8. Food
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