BVA in Product Design


“To make a great design you must despise a good design”
Product design is more essential, cross-functional, and that has become more important than ever for different firms in today’s competitive world. IIFA, affiliated to Bangalore University offers BVA in Product Design which is of four years highly helps students to gain knowledge about the different types of product from mobile devices to vehicles. The Well-designed curriculum includes Design thinking, Fundamentals of drawing, 2D & 3D Design Practice, Modern Design theory, Design Ethnography and also software’s like Auto CAD. A Product designer should know about the Materials and manufacturing process which helps them to create a good product with excellent functionality & high – quality. So IIFA involves students in learning the tools like CAD which greatly assist them in designing good quality product. Through IIFA International Placement Cell, every student will be getting a proper guidance from our expertise and also the placement assistance to excel at this career in an efficient way.

BVA in Product design Course Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria:

10+2 [From any Recognized board]

Affiliated by Bangalore University

Duration:4 years

Course Details

  1. Language – I
  2. Language – II
  3. Story of Art –I
  4. Visual Thinking
  5. Fundamentals of Design : 2D & 3D
  6. Fundamentals of Drawing - I
  7. 2D & 3D Design Practice
  8. Inter Design studies1
  9. Constitution of India and Human Rights
  10. workshop / Project / Journal writing
  1. Language – I
  2. Language – II
  3. Product Design Studio 1: Design thinking
  4. Models, Mockups and Prototypes
  5. Technical Drawing
  6. Core elective
  7. Digital: CAD 1
  8. Computer Applications and Information Technology
  9. CC & EC–Workshop writing
  1. Language – I
  2. Language – II
  3. Story of Art –II
  4. Introduction to Visual cultures
  5. Colour theory
  6. Fundamentals of Drawing -II
  7. Colour Composition
  8. Inter Design studies- 2
  9. Environment and Public Health
  10. Workshop / Project / Journal writing
  1. Language – I
  2. Language – II
  3. Design research methodology
  4. Product Design Studio
  5. Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  6. Core elective
  7. Digital: CAD 2
  8. CC & EC -Workshop
  1. Art Appreciation
  2. Theory of Design
  3. Product Design Studio 3
  4. Human Factors, Ergonomics and Interface
  5. Core elective
  6. Digital Methods: Advance Auto CAD3
  7. Project work
  1. Art and Design Criticism and Writing
  2. Modern Design theory
  3. Design Ethnography
  4. Product Design Studio 5
  5. Pre-final Project
  6. Core elective
  7. Internship /In house Project
  1. History of Industrial Design
  2. Design Studio Management
  3. Product Design Studio 4
  4. Portfolio, Publication and Dynamic Media
  5. Core elective
  6. Digital Methods: Advance Auto CAD4
  7. Project Work
  1. New media Art, Design and Technology
  2. Graduation Project
  3. Minor Project
  4. Portfolio Development Final display and presentation of the Project

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