“Acting is all about finding the truth within whatever world you're in”
IIFA’s Diploma in Acting is a two years diploma course which is affiliated to BSS (Bharat Sevak Samaj ). Candidates who are interested in acting can take up this course after the completion of high school education. IIFA educates students by strengthening them in terms of Physical body management, Communication skills, Presentation skills, Good understanding of dramatic techniques, Dedication, Dialogue delivery, slang, expressions, learning lines, rehearsing, attending auditions, attending castings, performing, working with an agent and etc..

DIPLOMA in Acting Course Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria:

10+2 [From any Recognized board]

Affiliated by BSS university

Duration:2 Years


  • According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment in acting is predicted to grow 10 more percent through the year 2024.
  • IIFA’s Diploma in acting course offers students the opportunity to participate in so many intensive workshops to get a strong experience in acting.
  • The Industry based curriculum is designed to provide you the relevant knowledge and acting skills like character building, understanding of dramatic techniques, dedication in performing, Screen or vocal presence and etc.
  • While pursuing the course students undergo Regular acting projects and wide range of activities like learning lines, rehearsing, practical sessions for performing in auditions and etc. The course is highly beneficial and helps students to become a professional actor/actress.

COURSE DETAILS [Duration – 2 Years]C

    Basics of Acting
  1. Concentration
  2. Action Problems
  3. Orientation to The World of Cinema
  4. Playback and Lip Sync
  5. Improvisation & Dubbing
  1. Lead actor/actress
  2. Actor/actress
  3. Co-actor/actress
  4. Supporting actor/actress
  5. Crowd actor/actress
  6. Acting instructor
  7. Dialogue instructor
  8. Villains
  9. Co-villains
  10. Stunt man
  11. Assistant director
  1. Yoga and Meditation
  2. Body Language
  3. Scenes & Character Study
  4. Expression Exercise
  5. Diction, Voice Culture & Voice Analysis
  6. Exercises for Observation & Imagination
  7. Vital Skills & Personality Enhancement
  1. Film Industry
  2. Broadcast Production
  3. Radio
  4. Television
  5. Media production
  6. Drama
  7. Performing arts
  8. Journalism
  9. Media
  10. Communications studies
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