IDDP in game designing

Game designing is a booming industry which helps every game lover to explore their talents to the next level by studying the International dual degree programme provided by IIFA Multimedia. IIFA empowers students to realize their vision along with ability to learn and build games using various technologies like Flash, Game Bryo, Motion builder, and etc. IIFA exposes the student to the industries through different workshops conducted by professionals. Throughout the curriculum students will be assigned with practical assignments, influential game development and projects to get a better idea.

IDDP in Game design Course Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria:

10+2 [From any Recognized board]

3years[Final semester @ European University]

Duration:3 years

Course Details

  1. French Language
  2. English
  3. Basics of Modern Computer systems
  4. Introduction to Computer Organization and Architecture
  5. Operating systems Fundamentals
  6. Introduction of computer networks
  7. Components of Interactive Multimedia system
  8. Semiotics in games
  9. Ethics involved in Games
  10. Introduction to Game
  11. Game engines
  12. Deconstruction of a Game
  13. Redesign of an existing Game
  14. Global and Indian game industry
  15. Gamification of non-Game industry
  16. UI/UX design
  17. Introduction to programming
  18. Introduction to Art for Interactive Media
  19. Application in Games
  20. Introduction to Art movements
  21. Free hand sketching
  22. Projection and Pixel Art
  23. 2D Orthographic projection
  24. 3D isometric projection
  25. Typography
  26. Introduction to Game world and Level design
  27. Game development & Event handling for mobile
  28. Introduction to algorithms and OOAD
  29. Data design and Analysis
  30. Graphics programming
  31. Matrices and the 4D Vector
  32. Introduction to web technology
  33. Web design and development
  34. Styling web pages using HTML & CSS
  35. Introduction to flexible design
  36. Introduction to JAVA and JQuery
  37. Web Game development
  38. Designing Game UI
  39. Game play programming
  40. Console Game development
  41. Game screen design
  42. Creating XML based Game level editor
  43. Computer communication networks
  44. Mobile Game Development using IOS
  45. Social Game development
  46. Introduction to Box2D
  47. Game play implementation
  48. Game Artificial Intelligence
  49. Game play scripting
  50. Game screen design
  51. Audio in Video Game primitive shapes
  52. Computer communication networks
  53. Introduction to Game development
  54. Working in IDE
  55. Introduction in interfaces
  56. Animating the drawing
  57. Game creation
  1. Removing background of the given image using Adobe photo shop
  2. Creating logo using Adobe photo shop
  3. Creating a low ploy sword in Maya
  4. Graphics programming
  5. Multiplayer game exercise
  6. Using Tilt interaction in a Game
  7. Creating 2D Simulation
  8. Developing an Browser application
  9. Game scripting
  10. Writing GUI and integrating to the existing level
  11. Developing a 3D game prototype
  12. Creating a social app and setting up the server
  13. Basic database manipulations
  14. Testing the games and clearing the errors
  1. Visual studio
  2. Assembla
  3. Unreal engine 4,
  4. Evernote
  5. blender
  6. substance
  1. Game Designer
  2. Game play Programmer
  3. Level Scripter
  4. Level Designer
  5. Experience Designer
  6. Tools Programmer
  7. Video game designer
  8. Web designer
  9. Visual designer
  10. Technical Artist
  11. Motion graphic designer
  12. Graphic artist
  13. Web visual designer
  14. 3D Modeler

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