IDDP in Interior designing

IIFA provides the best Interior designing course to the students to learn about the interior space, form, lightening and design. Students can explore well about the interior design from the most technical concepts to the intuitive one. IIFA believes that a strong and general education increases the ability to think effectively. By keeping that in mind IIFA trains every student in problem solving skills, communication skills, building construction, technical drawing and etc. On qualifying from IIFA International dual degree programme candidates become the most innovative interior designers and we greatly assist to work along with top designing companies.

IDDP in Interior designing Course Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria:

10+2 [From any Recognized board]

4years[Final semester @ European University]

Duration:4 years

Course Details

  1. French Language
  2. English
  3. Fundamentals of design
  4. Color and lighting
  5. Dimensions of colour
  6. Applications of colour harmonies in the interiors
  7. Importance of lighting
  8. Furniture in Interiors
  9. Styles of furniture
  10. Care and maintenance
  11. Planning the life space
  12. Significance of housing
  13. Soft furnishing
  14. Need for standardization in housing
  15. Furniture and Furnishing
  16. Draftsmanship
  17. Drafting tools and techniques
  18. Layout of drawings and title block
  19. Method of executing dimensions
  20. Technical sketching
  21. Building Components and Materials
  22. Methods of construction
  23. Floriculture
  24. Two dimensional drafting
  25. Concept of ergonomics
  26. Guidelines for good acoustical design
  27. Introduction to Auto CAD
  28. Orthographic & Isometric projection
  29. Use of flowers & Containers for Interior décor
  30. Modern trends in Gardening
  31. Shaping and enrichment of different materials
  32. Techniques of drawing
  33. Fabric painting – Tools and Techniques
  34. Introduction to Architecture
  35. Modern Architecture
  36. Influence of Vasthu sastra
  37. Organic architecture
  38. Housekeeping and Management
  39. 2D to 3D Conversion
  40. Rendering and special effects
  41. High Dynamic simulation
  42. 3D tracking
  43. Introduction to 3D Modeling
  44. Interior and Exterior Treatments
  45. Plastering and curing
  46. Treatment of floors
  47. Introduction to textiles and Clothing
  48. Principles and pattern drafting
  49. Space dimension of different work areas
  50. Interior and Exterior Treatments
  51. Residential and commercial interiors
  52. Commercial art and Merchandising
  1. Structural/decorative drawings
  2. Developing motifs
  3. Displaying art objects
  4. Furniture drawings
  5. Architectural lettering
  6. Pictorial drawing
  7. Perspective drawings
  8. Kitchen drawings
  9. Landscape plans drawings
  10. Design drawings with different tools
  11. Making varieties of art objects
  12. Internship in housekeeping department
  13. Drawing a floor plan
  14. Creating 3D Model
  15. Converting 2D drafting into 3D modeling
  1. Sweet Home 3D
  2. Sketch Up
  3. Autocad
  1. Commercial & Industrial Designers
  2. Design Director
  3. Architectural & Civil Drafter
  4. Design Architect
  5. Visual Merchandiser
  6. Set & Exhibit Designer
  7. Professor of Architectural Design
  8. CAD Designer
  9. Design Consultant
  10. Exhibition Designer
  11. Furniture Designer
  12. Institutional Interior Designer

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