Message from Director

Dear Student,
I welcome you to enroll as proud student of any programmes. I am immensely happy to inform that Bharathiar University is preserving a long tradition of providing quality education. By enrolling yourself into any of the professional, UG/PG/PG Dip/Diploma courses offered by the School of Distance Education, you will receive the best services for your progress, growth and success. I assure that you will be treated with dignity on par with regular students and provided with the best course materials supplemented by soft copies of the same, apart from knowledge enrichment through personal contact programmes conducted at University – recognized centers, coordinated and conducted by experienced and committed staff members on roll in the University, College and Industries.

The subjects that you choose are designed to suit the employer's need are based on latest developments. The courses offer you highly competitive and challenging curricula complemented with cutting edge technology and modern teaching learning methods. This will definitely help you to have an edge in this competitive environment. The degree/diploma awarded by the school is recognized and considered on a par with regular everywhere whether it is for admission to higher education or for employment. You have taken the right decision of joining the school. As we always strive to cope with the International standards, I assure that you would receive a quality degree that would be an added advantage to your path of success.

I would like to personally that you would get the required academic support in all respect from SDE staff. I wish you success in achieving your academy endeavors.

Thank You,
Dr. K.Govindarajalu, Director
Bharathiar University