Dream without limits and realize your dreams through the M.Sc. Multimedia course at IIFA. The course gives you an all-round knowledge on different faces of media and allows you to specialize in your area of passion to get your dream career.

Course Overview

The M.Sc. Multimedia course at IIFA is a 2 years, full-time program that can help you find leading careers in major media industries like, Design studios, Web Development firms, Gaming studios, Animation / Vfx studios, Ad agencies, UX Design related companies and so on.

The course provides you all the knowledge on different media technologies, like visual presentation, digital photography, 2D graphics, 2D / 3D animation, advanced art, compositing, modelling, texturing, rigging, developing TV commercials / print ads, game designing, cinematography and so on.

Need to Study Multimedia Technologies

In the rapidly growing Digital Media Industry, the need for creative professionals has grown many folds. This is evident from a report that says 30 lakh creative professionals will be required by 2022. This urges young aspirants to build their technological and creative skills, which can happen through a regular mode of study from a reputed college.

The M.Sc. in Multimedia at IIFA is a one such program that enables you to gain expertise knowledge on various faces of the Multimedia industry.

What will You Learn?

The course will help you to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of multimedia, communication theories, visual communication and information architecture.
  • Experiment designs with different colours, types, graphics and images.
  • Acquire a strong sense of media and media-oriented studies.
  • Practice digital photography and techniques of 2D graphics, animation and programming fundamentals.
  • Understand the laws and ethics related to Media.
  • Practice story boarding, cinematography, video and audio editing, and 3D design techniques.
  • Understand the latest trends in multimedia technologies.
  • Implement the concepts learnt so far in a professional environment.


  1. 1.Multimedia Fundamentals
  2. 2.Communication
  3. 3.Visual Presentation
  4. 4.Information Architecture
  5. 5.Enriching Design
  6. 6.Image Editing Techniques I(Practical I)
  1. 1.3D Design Techniques
  2. 2.Digital Photography
  3. 3.2D graphics & Animation
  4. 4.2D graphics Animation(Practical II)
  5. 5.Digital publishing Techniques
  6. 6.Image Editing Techniques II(Practicals III)
  1. 1.Motion Graphics
  2. 2.Storyboarding & Cinematography
  3. 3.Video & Audio Editing
  4. 4.Media Studies
  5. 5.Video & Audio Editing(Practical IV)
  1. Trends in Multimedia Technology
  2. Internship
  3. Project Study
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