IIFA offers 1year full time course Diploma in Hotel Management

The course has 2 semesters where the student gets introduced to the world of Hotel Management

Offering a unique and comprehensive Bhatathiyar university degree syllabus and prepares a student from the fundamentals which is essentially required in today’s industry.

COURSE DETAILS [Duration – 1 Years]C

Food & Beverage Service

  1. French Classical menu
  2. Grooming
  3. Different types of services
  4. Table setup and table manners.
  5. Different types of services
  6. Table setup and table manners
  7. Study of Beverages, wines, cock-tails
  8. Practical classes
  9. Front office
  10. Telephonic Conversations
  11. Reservations
  12. Registrations
  13. Guest Folio
  14. Knowledge about Rooms and Suites
  15. Practical classes
  1. Fashion Accessories
  2. Room attendants chart
  3. Bed making
  4. Dusting, cleaning, mopping
  5. Different types linen
  6. Practical classes
  7. Food Production
  8. Basic mother sauces
  9. Vegetable carving
  10. Cooking recipes
  11. Continental & Italian
  12. Practical classes in cooking
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