In India after agriculture industry the Textile Industry is the largest supplier. The textile Industry needs management graduates with skills like textile manufacturing to merchandising and every work in between. MBA in Textile Management is a different and up growing management course in the world. There is wide career and opportunities in the world to move in the Textile industry. The people who are well skilled and talented in the designing of clothes and other things will have a great future in this stream. The MBA in Textile Management is two years full time course and with different types subjects involved in it.


The Masters Programme in Fashion and the Textile Marketing is a response to the growing demands of the fashion industry for creative and skilled people. There are many innovative and different challenges for fashion companies involve not only dealing with increased global competition but also with issues of sustainability. The programme will give you knowledge about these challenges and believe to work with fashion marketing, brand management and consumer behaviour as well as the planning and performing of fashion marketing activities around the world. The programme provides knowledge about fashion marketing both in theory and in applications. The Textile Management will enable you to analyse problems, manage brand ownership and to design innovative marketing programmes in the fashion sector based on fashion or trends of the people. There is wide range of increase in the world for the Textiles in all over the world. It is a developed course in India.


  • Management Trainee
  • Technical Sales
  • Industrial Engineering Management
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Customer Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Cost and Inventory Control Management