Why M.Voc in Apparel Fashion Designing ?

M.Voc in Apparel Fashion Design program prepares young minds with a positive mental attitude for phenomenal performance and committed service.

M.Voc in Apparel fashion Design offers Qualified professional education with focus on fashion Design.

M.Voc in Apparel fashion Design program encourages more fashion-Academic interface.

The program aims to develop the aspirant with Conceptual, Analytical and Communication skills in your particular feild.

The curriculum of IIFA in & Fashion designing institute stands a class apart from the rest and ensures that you get to where it matters.

M.Voc in Apparel Fashion Design description

    We offer 2 years full time course M.Voc in Apparel fashion Design

  • The course has 4 semester where the student gets introduced to the world of fashion
  • Offering a unique and comprehensive and prepares a student from the fundamentals which is essentially required in today’s industry.
  • This well blended syllabus in combination with communications and self development classes make IIFA students a preferred choice among leading fashion studios and entertainment companies

M.Voc in Apparel Fashion Design Eligibility

Eligibility :Bachelor's degree

Duration : 2 years

M.Voc in Apparel fashion Design Syllabus

  1. Research Methodology and Statistics
  2. Costumes and Textiles of the World
  3. Global Textile and Fashion Industry
  4. Advanced Fashion Sketching
  5. Draping for Fashion Design
  6. Elective paper-I
  1. Fashion Merchandising
  2. Textile Testing and Quality Standards
  3. Surface and Accessories Designing
  4. Digital Fashion Designing
  5. Creative Pattern Manipulation and Garment Construction
  6. Elective paper-II
  1. International Trade And Documentation
  2. Technical Textiles and Functional Clothing
  3. Creative Industries and Specialization
  4. Fabric Structure and Performance Analysis
  5. CAD in Pattern Making
  6. Portfolio and Design Collection
  7. Elective paper-III
  1. Project work
  2. Elective paper-III
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The curriculum presents fashion design as a fun, invigorating, topical and rewarding art. It introduces techniques for students to get new, fresh and original design . The programme comes with all core fashion design modules like sketching, pattern making, garment construction, draping and embroidery. It teaches differentiation of colors primary, secondary, tertiary, and complementary; principles of repetition ,gradation, rhythm, radiation, harmony, contrast, dominance, emphasis and proportion. This design-oriented course gives students a professional portfolio of fashion design.